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What are Union Dues?

Union Dues are funds provided by union members to financially support the goals of their organization. The international portion of dues supports the representational, research, legal, administrative and legislative needs of members on a national level. The local union and working dues support members at the local level and expenses such as legal representation, handling grievances, arbitrations, contract negotiations, organizing activities, rents and administrative fees.

To provide the economic resources to achieve their goals, members of LU 1200 determined the amount of union dues paid to their local union by democratic majority vote. The IBEW dues structure is as follows:

IBEW Dues Structure:Member Pays:
Initiation Fee$200 per initiation
Basic LU 1200 Due$12 monthly
Basic Per Capita Due$20 monthly
Basic Working Due2% of base wages
($25 monthly minimum)

This office submits quarterly statements to its members in advance of each quarter. The quarters end March, June, September and December. All statements will be billed at the working dues rate, plus the basic local and international dues rates.

Paying On Time

Any member whose membership dues are in arrears by 3 months or more will be charged a reinstatement fee of $3. Any member whose dues are in arrears by 6 months or more may be dropped from membership and required to re-initiate.

Any member leaving the industry for greater than two months of time can request to be put on Honorary Withdrawal. This puts your membership on hold until you work again. Honorary Withdrawal status requires notification in writing prior to the first of the following month you wish to go on Honorary Withdrawal, and that your dues are paid current. If you get a call to start working again, send the appropriate working, basic local and international dues, and indicate in writing what month you wish to activate your membership. If your membership is not activated when you start working again, you may be billed for months you did not actually work.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have any questions please give the office a call at (301) 661-8544.

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