The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a union of 750,000 members, is dedicated to securing good wages, solid benefits and safer job sites for its members. Since forming in 1959, IBEW LU 1200 represents hundreds of members who are an integral part of the broadcasting business. With 14 collective bargaining agreements, our members are engaged in every aspect of the industry, working at local television and radio stations of every network affiliation throughout the Southeastern United States, from Maryland to Louisiana. Our LU 1200 technicians are vital to coverage of the vast majority of major sporting events, including NFL football, MLB, NASCAR, the PGA Tour, NCAA football and basketball, and US Open tennis.

The IBEW 1200 office supports our Black Colleagues and joins in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in the fight for liberty, justice and racial equality. 

If you have no expectation of working under an IBEW Contract this month hit this link to learn about Honorary Withdrawal. You may now go on Conditional Honorary Withdrawal if you are unemployed during the Coronavirus Pandemic and cannot presently pay your dues.

Applying for Unemployment in Local 1200 Territory
Links to COVID-19 Information: IBEW AFL-CIO

5.20.20 South Florida Sun Sentinel: How to file in Florida’s Troubled UI system.

5.19.20 IBEW 1200 Members in the News: From the IBEW Media Center.

5.15.20 Sports Video Group: Broadcast Industry Covid-19 Resources

IBEW 1200 Technology Forum: Online Zoom Event on 5.16.20 Registration Info  

Video Message from IBEW President Lonnie Stephenson for the IBEW Membership

4.1.2020 Update for CBS NEWS Staff and Freelancers. (Updated 4.20.20)

3.19.20 Message to our Membership from Geoff Turner, Business Manager/ Financial Secretary.

3.24.20 Update from the IBEW Broadcast Department: Fox Sports

3.20.20 Update from the IBEW Broadcast Department: CBS Sports

3.13.20 Message to our Sports Freelancers from Robert Prunn, Director of the IBEW Broadcast Department on the IBEW response to COVID 19-

4.16.20 Quote of the Day: Veteran Sports A1 Audio Mixer Phil Alder: How do you see audio evolving in the next five years?
‘I see more AoIP solutions evolving, and I think there will be a push to do more “at-home productions” to cut costs.

Quick Links to Latest Coronavirus News for Broadcasters and Content Creators:

4.22.20 Fox Executives to Take Paycuts

4.22.20 CDC: Safety Practices for Critical Infrastructure Worker Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

4.21.20 How to Disinfect a Broadcast Studio

4.18.20 NASCAR Schedule Talks

4.16.20 PGA Announces Schedule Updates

4.16.20 Thousands of Complaints against OSHA on Workplace Safety

4.13.20 How to Keep Your Microphone Clean

4.07.20 We Need OSHA to Protect Frontline Workers

4.07.20 TEGNA to Furlough Local TV Station Staff

3.24.20 60 Minutes earns its Largest Audience of 2020
3.24.20 ABC and NBC Evening News Are Currently the Most Watched Shows on Television 
3.24.20 Local TV Stations Take on Remote Learning Needs 
3.20.20 NASCAR to Fill the Void Debut Virtual Racing with the Real-World Drivers
3.16.20 DHS: Broadcasters defined as “Essential Service Providers”
3.16.20 CBS Sports/ Turner will pay All March Madness Techs.

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