Looking for a Few Good Men…or Women

Dear IBEW Local 1200 members,

Are you a strong communicator who is interested in being a voice for your fellow union workers? WBAL-TV and Radio is looking for two more shop stewards to help Local 1200 and your current shop steward, Bob Moore, best represent the men and women of IBEW at Hearst. The CBS Washington DC Bureau is looking for two more shop stewards to help Local 1200 and your current shop steward, Greg Shaffir, best represent the men and women of IBEW at CBS.

Being a steward means stepping up to play a key role in building our union. While not always an easy job, the role of a steward can be deeply rewarding—and something to be proud of. The union steward is a key “link” in our union. As a steward, you make collective bargaining agreements meaningful by helping your co-workers implement their contract and defend their rights on a day-to-day basis. You are in the best position to understand your coworkers’ concerns and priorities, organize with them to take action, and communicate their priorities to other union leaders.

You are also the best person to educate co-workers about our union’s goals. Our most important job is to build an active, united membership in our workplace. Our ability to defend and improve conditions will always depend on the collective power of our membership. A shop steward should welcome new employees and let them know how they can become involved. They should constantly find ways to involve more members in the activities of our union such as solving workplace problems and supporting negotiations.

Shop stewards are communicators and educators. Through one-on-one workplace conversations, you can become a strong representative for your co-workers and help improve your workplace. By listening to and learning about workers’ problems and concerns, you become the eyes and ears of your shop. This personal contact not only helps you advocate for your fellow workers but also gives you the opportunity to teach them about our union, their rights under our contract, bargaining goals, and the important issues affecting working people.

If you are interested in taking a bigger role in your career and helping your fellow workers in theirs, please consider applying to be a shop steward. For more information on becoming a shop steward, including the responsibilities and compensation, call me at 410-891-5850 or email me at ken.brown@ibew1200.org.

My union experience has made a positive impact on my life. I hope you will consider checking it out.


  1. Ken
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